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Here are links to the articles and videos by me, relating to web analytics, SEO and PPC that I’ve written on the Koozai blog and other sites. I’ll admit, it’s a lot of links, but I hope they’re useful. These are mainly the older ones as I’ve not been keeping on top of this list!

Blog Posts

Search Engine Watch articles – focusing on a guide to all Google Analytics reports available in 2013-2014, many of which are unchanged today.

SEO Chicks:

Beef, Arsenic and Web Analytics – Getting the Right Numbers


Tracking social media activity on and off your website

How to track on page leads in Google Analytics

How to track phone call leads in Google Analytics

Top five KPIs for SEO campaigns


Google Reveal Auction Insights in AdWords

Review of SMX London Presentations – Part 2 #smxlondon 2012

Review of SMX London Presentations – Part 1 #smxlondon 2012

SEO & Social Media Power Tools from #smxlondon 2012

Anna Lewis on Overlooked, Underloved & Unknown Analytics at #smxlondon 2012

Google Analytics Social Reports Explored

The New Google Analytics is Finally Ready!

Setting Up and Using Custom Reports in Google Analytics

AdWords Segmentation Part 2 – Strategy and Conversion Analysis

Advanced Analytics at Think Visibility 7

AdWords Segmentation to Improve Results – Part 1

What are the Benefits of Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking?

Exciting Real Time Search Results in Google Analytics

Should You Invest in a Mobile Website or App?

Google Analytics Developments – September 2011

Making Money with Multi Channel Funnels from Think Visibility 6

Introduction to Multi Channel Funnels

How To Track Contact Form Submissions Without A Confirmation Page

Tracking Social Media in Google Analytics – New and Improved Functionality!

Google Updates Image Traffic Medium in Google Analytics

First Click v. Last Click Attribution in Google Analytics and AdWords

All The Ways to Track a Website

How to Set Up Google Analytics Goals

Tracking an Email Campaign in Google Analytics

Using Google Analytics to Monitor Your Brand

How to Use Advanced Segments To Analyse Your Website Traffic

Getting Started with Advanced Segments – Default and Custom

What Does Bounce Rate Mean and Why is it Important?

Can Your Visitors View Your Website?

How to Change Website Domain in Google Analytics

How to Track Clicks on a Link in Google Analytics

Understanding Basic Google Analytics Terminology

How To Quickly Visualise Keywords for SEO, PPC and Website Optimisation

The Benefits of Multiple Google Analytics Profiles and Filters

Google Exams – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Using Google Analytics on a Website That Targets Multiple Countries

What’s Good and Bad About The New Google Analytics (With Images!)

How to Identify Tracking Issues in Google Analytics

How To Track Mobile Visits To Your Site On Google Analytics

How To Track Social Media Traffic in Analytics

How To Stop Internal Traffic Appearing In Your Analytics Data

Think Visibility Part 2 – Link Intelligence and Communications

Think Visibility Part 1 – Link Building and CRO with Psychology

A Simple Guide to Setting Up Google Analytics


Guide to Segmentation, why, when and where to use segments on your website data.

Google Analytics Changes in 2011 and 2012 Predictions, my Christmas video covering the latest additions and ideas about the future of analytics.

Video Guide to the Google SSL Changes and Hidden Keyword Data, my response to Google encrypting search results and showing (not provided) data instead of keywords.

Google Analytics Version 5 Video Walkthrough, how to find your way round the new interface in Google Analytics.

Using Google Analytics to Monitor Your Brand, lots of ways to keep track of your brand using Google Analytics.

What is Bounce Rate? My first tutorial video, explaining bounce rate with bouncy balls!

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