Think Visibility 7 Review

think visibility 7Think Visibility 7 was a fantastic weekend, the people, the talks, the surprises and the go karting were all brilliant. All the little details of the weekend made it thoroughly enjoyable, so well done Dom.

Here are my highlights:

The People

new friends at thinkvis 7 by martin88Meeting the other speakers and people I’ve been talking to on twitter or seen speak in the past was great. It was also good to meet new people I hadn’t come cross before. Thank you to everyone who came and said hi, or who gave me their time when I came to talk to them.

I completely agreed with Dom when he described thinkvis as a big family reunion.

The Presentations

Listening to like minded people talking about what the love and how they go about things was inspiring.

I enjoyed learning ecommerce SEO tips from Barry Adams that I can apply to my clients’ sites.

Jon Quinton‘s talk about using google docs and excel to scrape information to speed up link prospecting was right up my street and I can’t wait to do the same. Check out his Link Building Lessons from Swiss Toni slides for details.

Dan Harrison took us through 25 very useful WordPress tips and even supplied an ebook of 25 WordPress tips that will all be very useful.

Pierre Far from Google explained how sites are indexed and answered some handy points on indexing, all without mentioning the search algorithm as anything other than magic!He followed up his slides with extra information here.

I wish I could have attended Malcom, Carla, Dan and James’ talks too as there was a lot of buzz about all of them, but being in two places at once just doesn’t work!

anna lewis analytics talk by Jackie HoleAs well as watching these great people talk, I also had my first proper speaking slot which I really enjoyed. My talk was about Google Analytics and advanced things you can do with it, the slides and write up can be found here.

chilling in the ball pool by martin88The Parties

dom in bouncy ball pool by sk8geekWho knew that a bouncy castle full of balls would be such a hit? A fantastic decision by Dom meant lots of us enjoyed relaxing here, although it was risky at times, I managed to get squashed a few times!

The free bars were also great, thanks to Web Hosted Buzz and Ember Ads for providing these.

The Post Event Go Karting

go karting by martin88As a fan of go karting Dixon Jones of Majestic SEO decided to sponsor this event, thank you! 16 of us went along with varying states of hangover and after a few laps I found myself getting in to the swing of it and becoming quite competitive. It was only my second time karting but I managed to come 7th and get the 5th fastest lap time.

Overall, I highly recommend thinkvis to anyone in SEO or a similar field, it’s a great source of inspiration and a place to meet new and old friends for the first time.

Thanks Dom!

Photo Credits:

New friends by martin88

Anna Lewis by Jackie Hole

Chilling in the ball pool by Martin

Dom in a ball pool by Steven Lilley

Go Karting by Martin

For lots of great photos see Steven and Martin‘s albums.

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