About Me – Anna Lewis

My story…

I’ve been working in SEO, PPC and Web Analytics since I finished university in 2008, here’s some detail about how I got to where I am now.

Southampton Solent UniversityMy degree was in Advertising at Southampton Solent which covered marketing, business and advertising skills which combined with my online advertising project for Unicycle.com and enthusiasm for all things internet based helped me get my first junior SEO job at a small web development company.

koozaiI moved to Koozai, a digital marketing agency in Spring 2010 and thoroughly enjoyed working with such a fun and motivated team. I worked on a wide range of SEO and PPC clients whilst developing my analytics skills from average user level to expert, developing analytics services and training both within the company and for external clients. Here I wrote a number of posts about web analytics and even filmed some tutorial videos.

Here’s where the name changes

I was Anna Spear until 2011 when I married the wonderful Richard Lewis and became Anna Lewis. Unfortunately this meant the end of my domination of the search result for my name despite my knowledge of SEO there just wasn’t time outside of work to dominate search results for my new more generic name!

The new chapter of numbers

At the end of 2013 I jumped at the chance to focus solely on web analytics, taking on a newly created analytics position at ecommerce retailer Wiggle, a global bike and triathlon shop. Here I have worked on improving the functionality and usage of our Google Analytics accounts, including migrating to universal analytics and training over 100 people to be able to get the data they need for their roles. This has included managing many custom dimensions, custom reports and building automated dashboards with the APIs. I am proud to say that the Insights team is now a core part of the business.


Outside the Office, but still on topic…

I have been a guest blogger on Econsultancy and Search Engine Watch, both leading resources and communities for digital marketers. You can find my posts on the Anna Lewis page.

One of my early aspirations when I started out in SEO was to one day be able to be a part of the SEO Chicks blogging team, which I was very excited to be able to do in 2012.

Pinata at Think Visibility

I’m a big fan of ThinkVisibility and BrightonSEO – two of the early industry conferences I attended. At Think Visibility 6 I gave my first presentation about Multi Channel Funnels in Google Analytics, which went very well.

I have since spoken at further Think Visibility conferences, and multiple times at SMX London, BrightonSEO, MeasureCamp and MeasureFest between 2012 and now, as well as at a selection of smaller events.